PCOD Core Functions
  • To assist and advise TDPRM in the implementation of policies and guidelines on matters pertaining to third level PCOs.
  • To act as secretariat and staff of the SOPPB and its Committees.
  • Process placement/promotion of 3rd Level PCOs;
  • Liaise with CPNP, NAPOLCOM, SILG, CSC, and Malacañang as requested; and
  • Perform other tasks as ordered by TDPRM, TCDS (SOPPB “A”), TDCO (SOPPB “B”), TDCA (SOPPB en banc) and the C, PNP.
  • Process placement/promotion of 3rd Level PCOs;
  • Liaise with CPNP, NAPOLCOM, SILG, CSC, and Malacañang as requested; and
  • Perform other tasks as ordered by TDPRM, TCDS (SOPPB “A”), TDCO (SOPPB “B”), TDCA (SOPPB en banc) and the C, PNP.


PNCOD Core Functions
  • Implement and evaluate the policies and guidelines on tenure, placement, promotion, designation, assignment, transfer, job rotation, relief, detail, and secondment of Police Non-Commissioned Officers (PNCOs) and recommend necessary amendments thereof;
  • Gather and analyze relevant information for sound projection of promotion vacancies and implementation of rationalized distribution of PNCOs;
  • Initiate appropriate action and prepare the necessary resolutions and other related documents for the placement, promotion, designation, transfer, relief, and detail of PNCOs and transmit the same to concerned PNP offices, NAPOLCOM, Civil Service Commission and other concerned agencies;
  • Act as Secretariat of the NHQ-PNP PNCO Placement and Selection Board;
  • Supervise the different PNP Placement and Promotion Boards established in all levels of the organization in order to ensure that the evaluation of the qualification, competence, and skills of PNCO applicants for promotion within their respective jurisdictions is in accordance with pertinent policies;
  • Maintain a database for PNCO placement and promotion; and
  • Perform other tasks as directed by TDPRM.

records management division

RMD Core Functions
  • Plans, formulates and implements records management and archival administration program for the efficient creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, conservation and disposal of public records including the adoption of security measures and vital records protection program for the PNP;
  • Provides technical assistance to all PNP offices/units in the planning, implementation and evaluation of their respective records management program;
  • Conducts research and cause the publication and dissemination of records management knowledge and information to all PNP offices/units;
  • Establishes linkages with local and foreign organizations engaged in public records management and archives administration;
  • Plans for and facilitate the acquisition of a permanent and suitable building for the PNP personnel records;
  • Conducts training for PNP personnel on records management in coordination with the DHRDD, Training Service, and other government and non-government agencies;
  • Develops and maintain a Personnel Accounting and Information Systems;
  • Prepares and authenticates official documents used in the National Headquarters and separate units as well as those for use in other government agencies and private sectors;
  • Publishes, distributes and disseminates the following:
    1. Rules and regulations pertaining to PNP;
    2. PNP routine orders, bulletins, circulars and all miscellaneous publications; and
    3. Special Orders, General Orders, Letter Orders and other directives issued by the National Headquarters.
  • Prepares, administers and supervises the issuance of PNP identification cards and badges;
  • Accepts, stores, preserves and conserve PNP personnel records;
  • Manages storage and disposition of current and non-current records;
  • Obtains, recovers, transfers and  manages all PNP personnel records not in custody.

Personnel plans and policies division

PPPD Core Functions
  • Assists the Director, DPRM in the review and formulation of plans and policies relative to personnel records and management;
  • Ensures proper implementation of Individual Performance Evaluation Rating System (IPER) and keep its records; and
  • Provides administrative support to other Divisions/office in relation to DPRM functions.

morale and welfare division

MWD Core Functions
  • Acts as Secretariat of the PNP Educational Assistance Committee, PNP Missing in Action Board, Special Awards and Decorations Boards, Minor Awards and Decorations Board, President’s Social Fund-Special Financial Assistance Committee and KIPO/WIPO Monitoring Committee;
  • Undertake the initial evaluation of accomplishment of applicants for special/meritorious promotion;
  • Provides a systematic distribution of incentives and awards to deserving PNP personnel; and
  • Assists/services PNP personnel on granting of scholarship and financial assistance to deserving PNP personnel and their dependents.

Discipline, law and order division

DLOD Core Functions
  • Maintains records of all administrative filed against uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of the PNP from the investigation to resolution states of the case;
  • Reviews, implements and monitors decisions pertaining to dismissal, demotion, suspension/forfeiture of pay and other penalties including appeal on AWOL/Dropping from the Rolls and Petitions for Reinstatement/Reappointment;
  • Assists PNP personnel requesting for legal assistance through coordination with the PNP Legal Service;
  • Acts as Secretariat of the Attrition Boards and monitor the implementation of the PNP Attrition System from the National Headquarters down to Municipal Police Stations; and
  • Performs other functions as may be directed.

non-uniformed personnel affairs division

NUPAD Core Functions
  • Develop, formulate and implement policies, rules and regulation in all areas of personnel management of the non-uniformed personnel (NUP in accordance with the civil service laws and rules);
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive personnel development program to raise the level of efficiency, effectiveness and morale of the NUP;
  • Establish a sound recruitment and selection system for NUP;
  • Administer the DBM prescribed position classification and compensation system (in coordination with the Directorate for Plans) and other employees welfare programs such as medical and hospitalization benefits, housing, scholarship, health and safety standard, disability, retirement and other benefits;
  • Develop and implement the prescribed performance evaluation system;
  • Conduct job analysis and make necessary recommendations to further improve the performance and productivity of NUP;
  • Act as mediator of NUP complains and grievances which are amicable in nature;
  • Act as secretariat on committees pertinent to NUP matters;
  • Maintain coordinative linkages with the Civil Service Commission and other concerned government agencies on matters pertaining to NUP actions; and
  • Perform other functions as directed by the Director for Personnel and Records Management.

personnel holding and accounting unit

PHAU Core Functions
  • Develops and implements as effect on and efficient personnel accounting system in the PNP;
  • Responsible for the accounting of personnel and maintaining of database of detail with other government agencies, seconded personnel, those with pending cases, under suspension, without assignment/floating status, confined in hospitals, on UN mission and other circumstances that affect the non-assignment of personnel to a specific office/unit that renders him incapable to perform his/her sworn duties and functions;
  • Evaluates the request for detail of personnel by other government agencies and recommends the extension or otherwise under existing rules and regulations;
  • Monitors expiration of detail of personnel by other government agencies and recommends the extension or otherwise under existing rules and regulations;
  • Recommends to the Chief, PNP thru DPRM the placement/ assignment of personnel whose detail with other government agencies is terminated, cases have been cleared, suspension has been served; discharge from confinement, UN missions have been terminated based on the needs and personnel ceiling of the different PNP offices/units.