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Division Functions 

  1. Assist the PNP Senior Officers Placement and Promotion Board (SOPPD) in the administration of exercises and assessment methods for the placement and promotion of Police commissioned Officers to third level positions by gathering significant information, documentation, and data analysis; 

  1. Prepare a final report summarizing the assessment results including the candidates performance data; 

  1. Implement and evaluate the policies and guidelines on tenure, placement, promotion, designation, assignment, transfer, job rotation, relief and detail to third level ranks of the uniformed personnel and recommend necessary amendment thereof; 

  1. Gather and analyze relevant information for sound projection of vacancies for third level ranks taking into consideration the retirement dates, modes of attrition, and attainment of prescribed time-in-position; 

  1. Initiate action and prepare the necessary resolutions and other related documents for the placement, designation, transfer,, relief and detail of personnel in third level ranks, and transmit the same to concerned PNP offices, NAPOLCOM, and to the Office of the President of the Philippines; 

  1. Maintain a database for PNP Third Level Positions; and

  2. Perform other task as directed by Director DPRM.



  • To assist and advise TDPRM in the implementation of policies and guidelines on matters pertaining to third level PCOs.
  • To act as secretariat and staff of the SOPPB and its Committees;
  • To process placement/promotion of 3rd Level PCOs;
  • To liaise with CPNP, NAPOLCOM, SILG, CSC, and Malacañang as requested; and
  • To perform other tasks as ordered by TDPRM, TCDS (SOPPB “A”), TDCO (SOPPB “B”), TDCA (SOPPB en banc) and the C, PNP.



Basic Functions of the Assessment Section 

  • Monitor the tenure of PCOs occupying 3rd level key positions;
  • Publish the vacancies and soon-to-be vacated 3rd level key positions;
  • Consolidate applicants/candidates for 3rd level key positions and conduct pre-assessment;
  • Administer CADEx;
  • Prepare agenda and schedules of SOPPB;
  • Prepare the profiles of applicants/candidates in PowerPoint presentation; and
  • Assist the C, SOPPD during SOPPB deliberations.


Basic Functions of the Placement Section 

  • Maintain database for 3rd level positions;
  • Ensure that all 3rd level PCOs are occupying T.O. position;
  • Facilitate the processing of placement (detail, assignment/reassignment and transfer) of all 3rd level PCOs;
  • Assist the C, SOPPD in preparing resolutions during SOPPB deliberations;
  • Prepare the program for turn-over and/or assumption of office ceremonies and coordinate with other concerned units
  • Acts on communications pertaining to placement of all 3rd level PCOs;


Basic Functions of the Promotion Section 

  • Facilitate the processing of promotion of all 3rd level PCOs;
  • Prepare the program for oath-taking and donning of ranks ceremonies and coordinate with other concerned units;
  • OPR in the Retirement Ceremonies and Testimonial Dinner for star-rank officers;
  • Assist the C, SOPPD in preparing resolutions during SOPPB deliberations;
  • Acts on communications pertaining to promotion of all 3rd level PCOs;





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